All the Hoopla

Hoopla Parasols carries top of the line, high quality parasols and umbrellas that can not be found in your local Target. They have been imported from the likes of Denmark, Italy, France, Asia and India. We sell a hand picked, exclusive selection of the best parasols that aspire to an aesthetic of Vintage Hollywood Glamour, International Flavor, and Uniqueness.

Hoopla Parasols was started in early 2013 by Tillie Policastro, graphic artist and vintage afficionado as an ode to fashion's most neglected yet sublime accessory, the parasol. Parasols embody the perfect combination of whimsy and utility which created a fascination that began in her native Greenwich Village. It continued when she moved south in 1993 to the city with over 300 sunny days, otherwise known as, Austin, Texas. One particularly hot August day in 2012 she spotted a stunning vision of a woman stepping from a local bus with a bright yellow parasol, and everything clicked. Declaring the parasol ripe for a comeback, Hoopla Parasols was born.



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